Long way from Home
Emily Fitch. Live hard, Party Harder
Yes... I run a company. No it doesn't matter I'm only 20. The profits speak for themselves.

Emily looked nervously in the mirror, checking her appearance for the 3rd time, she had gone with a black dress, it was just on the edge between smart and casual, she didn’t want to over dress, but she wanted to look good for Naomi, her red hair was straightened out and she applied a touch of make-up before grabbing the keys to Kaya and driving to the address Naomi had supplied her with. Without being rude, the place was a shit hole, Emily was on edge the whole time that someone would steal her car, either way she tooted the horn to indicate her arrival to Naomi. The car growled quietly as the idled by the sidewalk, waiting for the blonde to join her.

  Emily had picked out the perfect restaurant, it was in the middle of an office block, but had a stunning view of the  city, it felt like you were separate from the rest of the world.  Which was what the two needed, good food, good conversation, a chance to rekindle things. Emily couldn’t calm the butterflies in her stomach as she drummed the wheel with her fingers, flicking through radio stations with the other before resigning and plugging her ipod in . Waiting for Naomi.

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